We design interiors to make the space work, be it a kitchen or a bathroom, bedroom or living room. We look at the best way of utilising the space you have, or how to change it to make it work better. Our bespoke kitchens and bathrooms are made to last, and the high quality of our work and finish will last for years to come and add value to your property.

The first step in a bespoke commision with us is the initial on-site consultation with James Hardy which is offered without obligation to build an appreciation of your individual requirements. This visit also gives you the opportunity to inject your own personality and ideas into the design process. We believe that it is vital to involve you, the client, from the very beginning of the process, in contributing and discussing design, wish lists and specific requirements. We discuss and develop the design with you while the drawings are in progress. Thereafter a proposal and scheme is produced for comment and further client contribution. Only after this review stage is the proposal finalised and a commission commenced.

We are available by appointment to show examples of our work in our showroom in Woodbridge or at our workshops and office in Hacheston.

To discuss a potential project and arrange a vist please call  J S Hardy on 01728 746485 or email James on